Amrith with Sando

Hello, I'm Amrith 👋🏽

I live my best life with Sando in Amsterdam 🦊
And build communities for things people care about 🌱

My journey in a nutshell 💫

In high school, I built a community for student makers from around the world called Feathrd to help them build their ideas to life 🌱Helped 100+ students from 15+ countries build & launch their side-projects on Product Hunt where I eventually landed an internship after school and went on to become their Head of Social 😸I spent 2+ years at Product Hunt learning as much as I could about tech, community, and social and helped grow their Twitter from 200K to 400K+ followers all organically in my time there 🐣After Product Hunt, I joined Opal to help people build healthier screen-time habits and also moved to Paris and got Sando in the process 🐕At Opal, I worked on defining the brand voice from scratch as well as defining what community meant to the company. I got my hands deep in building the product, community, social media, brand, growth, content, and launch strategy 💎After ~2 years at Opal, I took the leap into the vast world of crypto, DeFi, and web3 at Alongside and worked on making the space more understandable and accessible for everyone while building their brand from scratch 🤝After dabbling with community in venture capital for a bit,
I'm currently helping stoic. (YC S19) grow.
If you want to chat, send me a DM on Twitter!Thank you for reading till the end!You can follow me on Twitter and Bluesky for all kinds of tweets that may or may not have anything to do with tech 😌